Reserving Facilities at Preston Junior School

Last Updated: 1/7/2019 2:05 PM

Reserving Facilities at Preston Junior High


As part of the Preston community, we are excited to make our building available to other district and community groups. We want to make the process for arranging, using, and cleaning the building as simple as possible, so if you have any questions about anything that follows, please let us know.

To reserve the building, complete the reservation request on this page. We will email to confirm the information, ensure we know what resources and rooms you’ll need, confirm with the district athletic director (in-district reservations), contact you about fee's and forms (community reservations), and make arrangements for supervision and cleaning.

Making a Reservation

In-District Reservation Requirements

There is no fee for in-district reservations, although supervision and basic cleanup are expected as outlined later on this page. The district athletic director must approve all in-district reservations to confirm their district affiliation, as it waives the need for liability insurance.

Community Reservation Requirements

Community reservations require proof of $500,000 liability insurance, which can be purchased from most insurance agencies. In addition, this Building and Facilities Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement must be completed and signed by both the renter and the building administrator. 

For community reservations, a custodian must be on hand to open the building, oversee and respond to all needs during the rental, and then ensure the building is cleaned and locked afterward. This is charged at a rate of $15/hour, and will be paid by the renter directly to the custodian, with contact information provided alongside confirmation of the reservation.

In short, community reservations require:
An Online Reservation Request
Proof of Insurance
A Signed Liability Waiver
Arrangement to Pay a Custodian

Request a Reservation

Please note that this does not confirm your reservation. You will be contacted by the office once all required information has been provided and the building has been scheduled.

Please include all of the following in your reservation request:
Name of Group or Organization, Dates and Times of Reservation, Description of Activities to Take Place, Estimated Number of Attendees, Name of Responsible Individual, Phone Number, Email Address, and which Rooms you need. 

Checking Availability

We maintain a online calendar of building reservations that can be seen below, so feel free to check before coming to see if the building has already been reserved. If it’s not on the calendar, we don’t know about it. Please check the calendar after reserving to ensure we’ve gotten the information entered correctly and you're on the calendar.


In-District Reservation Checklist

If you will be using the building in-district, we will need to schedule a custodian to open and close the building, and to do the deeper cleaning after an event. For school-day events, we usually have a custodian on hand until 7pm. Beyond that or for events on days when school is not in session, we will need to confirm someone will be able to lock up and clean up. In all cases, the building must be supervised until all students have gone. In addition, basic sweeping and picking up trash is expected. In the case of major spills, cleaning supplies are located in the gym closet.