Plant Facility Levy Passes!

On March10, 2020, voters in Preston School District went to the polls to vote for or against the renewal of the current plant facility levy.  The measure placed before voters passed with 65% of the voters voting in favor.  The threshold for passage was 55%. According to unofficial results published by Franklin County, 1291 total people voted in the levy election.  In all, 837 voted in favor, while 454 voted against the measure.

Preston School District would like to thank all those who voted in the election and are grateful for the passage of the levy.  The district will continue to maintain the webpage for the levy and give updates on projects that are being completed, as well as costs for those project.  Any patron who has questions about the way that the levy funds are being allocated is welcome to ask those questions at the district office.

Again, thank you for all who voted!  We will do our best to continue to be careful stewards of the funds that the district receives from these votes!

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