PJH Students Honor Veterans During Assembly

Veterans Day Program

Highlights of the assembly can be found below. 

The Star Spangled Banner sung by: Taylee Porter





Jeff Petterborg spoke about his time in the Air Force helping get supplies, troops, and more to the airfields in both Afghanistan and Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. He really enjoyed his time in service, and spoke of his love for the flag, and his country.

Russ Petterborg

Russ Madsen talked about his love for the USA and encouraged students to find ways to make a difference in each others' lives through positivity and hard work.

Russ MAdsen

The Choir Sang the original version of God Bless the USA:




The final speaker was Quinn Corbridge who spoke of his many years of service with the Preston National Guard in its Howitzer Division. He has family history of military service and had the opportunity to serve with several of his brothers. He described his duties in service and also expressed a love and pride for his country. 

Quinn Corbridge 

The program was ended with a beautiful duet by Katherine Mueller and her father, Warren Mueller, America the Beautiful.








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