PTO meets 1st Wednesday of each month from 6-7pm, PJH library


Our school needs you!

We are looking for some awesome guys to welcome our kids to school in the morning at the front doors or hang out with them during lunch.

Time slots are short and sweet (some are just 25 minutes) but studies show they can have a major impact on our kids’ education and positively impact school culture! Please come and give it a try!

The parent teacher organization has created an online sign up at the link below. It’s quick and easy. If you’d like to volunteer but don’t want to use the sign up, please contact Chris Jones at (612) 750-6077.

Permission to Take Laptop Home

If you would like to give permission for your student to take their laptop home, please fill out the permission form below. Laptops will be kept at school unless this form is filled out.



The Jr High cell phone policy is changing for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year.Cell phones, smart watches, iPods/iPads, etc. will no longer be allowed during the lunch break.**Cell phones will only be allowed before and after school.**The purpose behind this change is not as a punishment, but to increase student and school safety. Inappropriate pictures, information, material, etc. as well as the targeting of students through various forms of social media continues to increase. This new change will go into effect Monday, February 6th. As always, if you need to contact your student, get them a message, or have an emergency, please call the Jr High office and we will do all we can to help. Thank you for your support in keeping our school and students safe!

Laptop: Lost or Damaged Items (Payable to PJH)


  • Power Supply: $15

DAMAGED ITEMS: (if they can be fixed)

  • Cracked or broken screen: $70
  • Battery replacement: $45
  • Damaged bezel (plastic piece around screen): $5
  • Keyboard replacement: $90
  • Missing key (s) replacement (no spacebar): $10 per key
  • Track pad replacement: $35
  • Charge port or USB replacement: $35
  • Re-image due to violation of school policy (illegal software/downloads): $35
  • Graffiti removal fee: $5-$10 depending on severity
  • Missing barcode sticker: $5
  • Missing name tag: $5