Semester 1 Ski Incentive

Last Updated: 1/6/2020 10:40 PM

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Semester 1 Ski Incentive

Our staff has been hard at work planning some truly excellent incentives, and our 1st semester incentive will be a trip to Cherry Peak Resort on January 28th (8th Grade), January 29th (7th Grade), and January 30th (6th Grade). To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

1st Semester

  • No D's or F's
  • No unsatisfactory citizenship marks (That includes an N or a U)
  • No more than 3 lunch detentions
  • No ISS or OSS

We would appreciate it if you pay all library fees, lunch money or school fees as well.

Students who qualify will be bringing home paperwork on Thursday, January 9th for parents to fill out and sign. Please have that paperwork back to your PRIDE Time teacher no later than January 16th.

Students who qualify can purchase lift tickets (rental included), tubing tickets, or both at Cherry Peak that day. Students will also need to bring a sack lunch or money for lunch at the lodge. There will also be movies available for students to watch in the lodge if they are unable to ski but still want to participate in the incentive and they qualify. 

$27 for everything-rentals, skis/snowboard/boots lift ticket, group lesson

$20 just need a lift ticket-have your own gear

$10 if you have a pass and only need rentals

$8 tubing hill, tube included!

FREE if you have a pass and all your own gear

Free movie and games in the lodge


Appeals can be made online or there are forms in the office as well. Appeals need to be made no later than January 16th. A committee will review the appeal and notify you of their decision. 

Appeal Form